How to Create HDRI Maps: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

In this tutorial, you will learn how to produce high-quality HDRI maps essential for 3D projects. It is necessary to have access to a powerful PC with decent Nvidia GPU and CPU, fast drives and more than 16GB of ram and of course some basic knowledge of photography. 1. Gather all equipment: a) You will […]

HMTools – Blender add-on released

Proudly presenting newly developed Blender add-on – HMTools. It will help any CG artist working in the Blender to set up hdri and get some nice ones for free from using API Installation You can get add-on from BlenderMarket for 1$ or download for completely free from Download it to your desktop and […]

How to measure hdri’s dynamic range?

If you wonder how to measure properly dynamic of hdri map, there it is a nice solution I just found. You can measure hdri’s dynamic range with Blender addon named: “Calculate FStop Range“, which can be downloaded from Github for free. Simply download it as .zip package and install it for Blender.Last update for addon […]

Realistic HDRI lighting for exterior ArchViz in Blender

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create realistic lighting for exterior visualizations in Blender. Let’s get started. First and foremost, get quallity hdri sky map. For this, head over to, and get some hdri sky map. Of course you can get some hdris for free, but when quallity matters, I recommend you […]

Rendering on 20K hdri map in Blender 2.9

I suggest you to start to work with lower resolution hdri map because loading high-resolution texture will slow down your workflow significantly, even if you have the latest GPU and fast computer. I always start with 8K hdri map in Cycles or even 2K map especially in the first stages of the project or while […]

How to Color Balance your HDRI?

For hdri map colour correction, I highly recommend you to use Photoshop. Please download and open FREE_HDR_103 hdr map from here and open it in Photoshop. For this tutorial, I am using Photoshop CS6 as it is the latest version available without subscription-based rental. 1. Open HDRI Map in Photoshop 2. Enable 32-bit Exposure preview […]

HDRi basics

It is a technique used in imaging and photography to reproduce a greater dynamic range of luminosity than what is possible with standard digital imaging. What does HDRi mean? HDRi stands for High Dynamic Range Imaging. It is a technique used in imaging and photography to reproduce a greater dynamic range of luminosity than what […]

HDRI set-up in Octane Render standalone

A quick tutorial on different environment setups inside Octane Render standalone.  Easy to follow steps for beginners and advanced users. To reproduce this short HowTo, I am using the latest version of Octane Standalone available without paying monthly subscription fees: Octane version 4.04.   Setting up a simple 3D scene HDRi setup with nodes only Shadow […]

Blender HDRI setup

Last version of Blender 2.79 comes with Shadow Catcher feature. Let’s check how it works along with HDRI lighting and backplate image used for background.  You can download complete tutorial project file from here Preparing test scene 1. Remove default scene and create UV sphere. Go to tab Tools and choose Smooth. Press N key and zero […]

HDRI lighting in Modo

Tutorial about hdri lighting in Modo 801 including some set-up tips. 1. Let’s start Open a new project in Modo and switch to Layout view, add Meshes > Miscellaneous > Mech Lux model to scene. Create a new plane and place just under the model like seen on the picture. Later on, it will be used […]

Change white balance of hdri map in Natron

Natron is an open source cross-platform nodal compositing software. It looks like Nuke and it’s completely free. Although I used version 1.0 it’s more stable when working with large hdri maps than Colorista free plugin for After Effects. You can easily tune 15.000 x 7.500 hdri map in this software. It’s fast and stable. 1. […]

Tweaking hdri in Photoshop

In this short video tutorial I will explain you how to enhance hdri map, so it will produce nice sharp shadows in your renders. Some of the hdri maps are really poor quality, taking for instance 3 exposures 2EV apart doesn’t guarantee that you will achieve sharp shadows in your renderings. In situations like this, […]