About Us


My name is Grzegorz Wronkowski and I am  running HDRMAPS since 2012. I am responsible for everything you can see here: photography, textures, scans, programming, web design.
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Grzegorz Wronkowski
ul. Zofii Nalkowskiej 17/8
48-340 Glucholazy, Poland
VAT ID: PL7532157674


To wake up early in the morning, to not oversleep any amazing sunrises. To work as efficient as it is possible, and shoot content that will be useful for CG artists.


My vision is very simply: growing and growing. I’d like to hire some photographers one day, or other CG artists to provide more and more unique content, like hdri maps, textures, scans


I am simply perfectionists on anything I do. Every time I do something, I thinking about improving my workflow, to be more efficient, and precise

What artists say?

Great Hdri’s that match the backplates well and great images.
Sebastian Ladan

I found HDRMaps website years ago, when I started to make some renderings. In these years I used many panoramas available around the websites, but what I can say is that this ones are one of the best. They are well balanced in terms of colors, exposure, contrast and the many other things that could change the view of your rendering. I would highly recommend it. Prices are very cheap, and the quality itself is AMAZING. Behind HDRMaps there is also a good guy that is much talented and always available for every questions! Once again, very recommended!

Gianluca Negroni

There is no doubt that HDRMAPS is one of the best source of high quality HDRI’s around. I am using them for the long time and i really like all their aspects; Light intensities, locations and Quality. Keep up with the good work and keep them coming Grzegorz!!

Ivo Sucur
Senior 3D Artist