A new way of previewing hdri skies

There is a new way of displaying hdri skies implemented on the website. As you can see now, all hdri sky domes are displayed as spherical maps using Krpano Player.

All previews for HDRI Sky domes were rendered in Blender 2.8. Scene setup was very easy: huge plane mesh was added for the floor and Checker Texture inserted into material’s Base Color input.

Checker texture in Blender

All HDRi Maps were loaded as a sequence for Environment Texture, so all 95 HDRI Skydomes could be rendered in Cycles at once as an animation. As you can see, environment textures have been lifted a little bit, so no black horizon is visible, giving the illusion of infinity.  The camera was set to Spherical and centered to init position (0,0,0). 

HDRI Sky dome - World setup nodes

To speed up the rendering process, we used a headless rendering option, directly from Windows console:

blender -b file.blend -a

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