Industrial Ostrava


If you are looking for a high-quality and comprehensive set of industrial hdris for your automotive rendering projects, look no further than our Industrial hdris collection. This collection contains 20K hdris and matching backplate images that cover a wide range of industrial environments, such as factories, warehouses, docks, and parking lots. These hdris are perfect for creating realistic and stunning visualizations of cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other vehicles in various industrial settings. You can easily adjust the lighting, exposure, and color of the hdris to suit your needs and preferences. Whether you need a sunny day, a cloudy sky, or a night scene, you will find it in our Industrial hdris collection. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your automotive rendering skills with our Industrial hdris collection.

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The Industrial Ostrava bundle consists:

By cargo container

concrete platform hdri map

Concrete platform

Empty concrete hall

Gravel parking space

industrial hdri map

Industrial blue hour

Industrial night road

Factory road hdri map

Industrial road by brick wall

Ironworks gate

gas-works shade hdri

Gas-works shade

Narrow street at industrial zone

Industrial hdri parking lot

Parking by factory

industrial hdri map thumb

Sandy industrial area

In package

12 ready to use HDRI sets. Every set includes full-size 20K hdri, lower resolution hdri and tonemapped 8-bit maps, that can be used for camera visible rendering layers. Most of sets come with corresponding backplates. Please refer to PDF catalogue to learn more.
hdri balls test render
Full frame dslr

Quality backplate images

Taken with full-frame digital SLR and Nikon’s best optics. Full-size RAW and scaled-down jpeg files for quick use are included. RAW files give you full control over editing: you can easily change the white balance, and do some coloring without losing quality.

Backplate resolution: 7360x4912px

Instant Download and Friendly Licensing

You can download files immediately after successful payment. Buying this product you are allowed to use it in the limitless number of projects on Royalty Free terms. One purchased license is valid up for 5 workstations in one company.
Download 90 hdri skies
przybolewski car rendering

Rendering by Jakub Przybolewski

chikhudo muofhe porsche rendering

Rendering by Chikhudo Muofhe

hector suriel ferrari rendering

Rendering by Hector Suriel

Number of Backplates187
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