Altewalde Skies vol. 1

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Bundle of 25 HQ hdri sky maps and 329 corresponding backplates. Captured at the location named Altewalde, a small village in the Silesia region (Poland).

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The Altewalde Skies vol. 1 bundle consists:

hdre 290 sunset hdri sky

Altewalde 1

sunset partly cloudy hdri map

Altewalde 10

hdri map sky cumulus blue sky

Altewalde 11

sunset hdri sky map

Altewalde 12

overcast hdri sky map

Altewalde 13

hdri sky map cumulus blue

Altewalde 14

winter sunset hdri sky map

Altewalde 15

sunset hdri map

Altewalde 16

sunset hdri sky map

Altewalde 17

sunset hdri sky map at Alterwalder

Altewalde 18

hdre 348 - sky environment

Altewalde 19

Altewalde 2

hdri sky blue cumulus clouds

Altewalde 20

sunny sky hdri map at fields

Altewalde 21

Daylight Sky HDRI Map stitched in PTGui Pro and Photoshop

Altewalde 22

sunrise hdri map

Altewalde 23

blue sky and clouds

Altewalde 24

sunrise hdri map

Altewalde 25

winter field hdri dawn

Altewalde 3

hdri winter sky map

Altewalde 4

sunset hdri map

Altewalde 5

clear sky hdri map at field

Altewalde 6

Cloudy hdri sky map

Altewalde 7

Altewalde 8

clear sunset hdri map

Altewalde 9

In package

25 ready-to-use HDRI maps captured at various weather conditions, at Altewalde location (8km from nearest mountain range).
25 hdri skies from owl mountains
HDRI sky backplate in raw format

Quality backplate images

Taken with full-frame digital SLR and Nikon’s best optics. Full size RAW and scaled-down jpeg files for quick use are included. We use Lightroom’s DNG lossy compression to save up to 85 percent of your disk space and download transfer. With such compression impact on image quality is almost invisible.

Full spherical HDRi Maps

Thanks to huge resolution (20K) you can render directly on HDRI file without the need of a backplate. There are also smaller 8K hdri files in the package for quick use. Every HDRi map has been thoroughly stitched, processed, revisioned, and tested before release with Corona Renderer.
Test render in Cycles on hdri map only
Number of Backplates329
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