Mediterranean Skies


Collection of 50 hdri sky sets taken during our 4 month stay in Spain. Stitched and processed using solar energy in a motorhome parked by the beach.
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The Mediterranean Skies bundle consists:

Capicorb 1

Capicorb 10

Capicorb 11

Capicorb 12

Capicorb 13

Capicorb 14

Capicorb 15

Capicorb 16

Capicorb 17

Capicorb 18

Capicorb 19

Capicorb 2

Capicorb 20

Capicorb 21

Capicorb 22

Capicorb 23

Capicorb 3

Capicorb 4

Capicorb 5

Capicorb 6

Capicorb 7

Capicorb 8

Capicorb 9

Torre Derribada 1

Torre Derribada 10

Torre Derribada 11

Torre Derribada 12

Torre Derribada 13

Torre Derribada 14

Torre Derribada 15

Torre Derribada 16

Torre Derribada 17

Torre Derribada 18

Torre Derribada 19

Torre Derribada 2

Torre Derribada 20

Torre Derribada 21

Torre Derribada 22

Torre Derribada 23

Torre Derribada 24

Torre Derribada 25

Torre Derribada 26

Torre Derribada 27

Torre Derribada 3

Torre Derribada 4

Torre Derribada 5

Torre Derribada 6

Torre Derribada 7

Torre Derribada 8

Torre Derribada 9

50pcs of 360° HDRI Sky Maps

All HDRI Maps in Collection have been taken on the Mediterranean coast of Spain. We spent 4 months in nature, far away from mountains, to be able to capture the most beautiful skies, sunsets, and sunrises. Learn more here...
50 hdri sky maps
Full frame DSLR

174 backplate images

21 sets come with corresponding backplate images. DNG files give you full control over editing: you can easily change the white balance, and do some coloring without losing quality.

Backplate resolution: 7360x4912px

Instant Download and Friendly Licensing

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Download 90 hdri skies
Number of Backplates174
Download size396.61 MB

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