Auto Viz Collection 1-3


Collection of 3 AutoViz bundles: Auto Viz 1, AutoViz 2, and AutoViz 3. It comes with 30 hdri environment maps and 517 corresponding backplates matched for automotive rendering, giving over 19GB of downloadable content.
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The Auto Viz Collection 1-3 bundle consists:

Between warehouses

Blue hour by train station

By Seal House

Cabo de Gata curvy road

Curvy road at Adriatic Coast

Empty modern storehouse

Empty warehouse with fluorescent lights

Glazed office buildings

Golden Autumn narrow road

Gravel floodplain of river Drava

Grossglockner High Alpine Road

Helipad at Adriatic Coast

Industrial empty road

Italian piazza

Marina at Mediterranean Coast

Maslenicki bridge

Nassfeld road

Parking at sunset

Parking lot at commercial zone

Poligono industrial

Rims storehouse 2

Riverside office buildings

Road by parking lot

Road through farmlands

Sports hall - in the shadow

Stacked Containers In Stockyard

Sunny road in winter

Tires storehouse

Wasteland by Almeria

Wet shiny road in the Alps

In package

Collection contains AutoViz 1, AutoViz 2, AutoViz 3 bundles. 30 ready-to-use HDRI + matching backplate images, all taken at different locations and times of the day. Roads, industrial zones, parking spaces, marinas, garages - this versatile collection of different packages are mainly suited for automotive visualizations.
10 various hdri packages
Full frame dslr

Quality backplate images

Taken with full-frame digital SLR and Nikon’s best optics. Full-size RAW and scaled-down jpeg files for quick use are included. RAW files give you full control over editing: you can easily change the white balance, and do some coloring without losing quality.

Backplate resolution: 7360x4912px

Full spherical 20K HDRi Maps

Our spherical 360°hdri maps are rather huge files, therefore you can render directly on HDRI files also without a backplate. There are smaller 8K hdri files in the package for quick use as well. Every HDRi map has been thoroughly stitched, processed, revisioned, and tested before release. To provide natural white balance and colors we rely on X-Rite ColorChecker Passport.
Porsche model render on hdri directly

Rendered directly on 20K HDRi Map in Keyshot

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