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Recently published packages

  1. Wood 005

    Wood 005

  2. Wood 004

    Wood 004

  3. Wood 003

    Wood 003

  4. Wood 002

    Wood 002

  5. Wood 001

    Wood 001

  6. Bandshell in the park

    Bandshell in the park

  7. Forest stream

    Forest stream

  8. By cargo container

    By cargo container

  9. Morning by gas-works

    Morning by gas-works

  10. Industrial road by brick wall

    Industrial road by brick wall

  11. Industrial night road

    Industrial night road

  12. Gravel parking space

    Gravel parking space


Industry-leading 3D software using our hdri

maxwell render

Maxwell Render

Since version 3 of their rendering suite, in resources browser, you can find folder HDRMAPS with 4 hdri maps. With Maxwell Render, you can discover how good they are!

marmoset toolbag

Marmoset Toolbag

You can find few hdri from HDRMAPS in this amazing baking textures pocket knife. HDRi Map which was taken at Tenerife is probably the most used by Toolbag's users.

substance designer

Substance Suite

Previously by Allegorithmic now Adobe, Substance Suite is an industry standard for texture painting and materials creation. Most of the hdri you can find in this package come from

trapcode particular by red giant

Trapcode Particular

Tao is the most recent plugin, part of Trapcode Suite developed by talented Swedish programmer Peder Norrby. It comes with 7 hdri from HDRMAPS. They have to be downloaded directly from RedGiant web page.