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Simply addon providing easiest way to download free hdris from cloud, and use them inside Blender. This Addon is recommended way to use hdri Freebies from
Thanks to HM Tools panel, you can add blur, change hdri exposure, contrast, rotate it or add Flatten Ground and save environment as asset with just one click!

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How to install HMTools ?

  1. Download zipped addon and save to your drive
  2. Open Blender got to Edit > Preferences > Install and select zipped addon file
  3. Open 3D Viewport and press “N” so all panels are visible – find HM
  4. Press Sync Library button and let it go for few minutes
  5. Open Assets Library (Shift + F1) and find “hdrmaps” library, simply drag and drop chosen hdri asset onto your viewport
  6. Play with HDRi Tweaks panel, and where you are happy press on Save HDRi Asset

How to run HMTools ?

addon hmtool for blender hdri maps library tweak


version – 1.3, 2023-07-10

In previous versions Tweak hdri sliders values were update in real time using “depsgraph_update_post” method. It has been removed now, as it was not working or causing interface to freeze. You need to press operator button with label “Reset/Read settings” to read settings saved into json file

version – 1.2, 2023-07-07

Added button in setting, which opens library directory in Explorer (Windows).

version – 1.1, 2023-07-04

There was an error when installing addon for Blender 3.6 (no writes right to write log files in addon’s directory).

version – 1.0, 2023-07-04

First version published. Spread out 20 free copies among Blender Community.