AutoPano Giga is Now Free

If you want to create stunning panoramas with ease, you need to try AutoPano Giga. This software was developed by Kolor, a company that specialized in image stitching and virtual tours. Unfortunately, Kolor closed its doors in 2018, but they left a generous gift for their loyal customers: a free license for AutoPano Giga.

AutoPano Giga is a powerful tool that can automatically stitch multiple photos into a seamless panorama. You can adjust the projection, the horizon, the color balance and more. You can also create 360° panoramas and export them to various formats.

To get started with AutoPano Giga, you need to download the latest version from this link:

Then, you need to enter the following registration details:
User: [email protected]
Registration code: KAPG7-K3A9X-IZJHX-FIIT7-C5IM8-MQF2N

That’s it! You can now enjoy AutoPano Giga for free and create amazing panoramas with a few clicks.

To create panorama just drag photos on the workspace and click green button with label detect.

Just drag photos on the workspace and click green button Detect

I have prepared tutorial on creating hdr panoramas in Autopano Giga here