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Technical issues


Can I pay by wire transfer?

Yes you can buy using this method, but you will have to wait until I receive money. Please contact me for bank account number.


After successful payment you will get instant access to your downloads. Additionally you will get email with your order and links too. If you haven't received email, please chceck your SPAM inbox. Your downloads are always accessible from your account at - just log in here and go to My Downloads subpage. 

Do I have to pay a TAX ?

You don't pay it if you are not an EU citizen or if you have EU VAT ID number. All EU consumers without valid VAT ID number have to pay a VAT rate depending on the country of residance (according to EU law). 

If you have valid VAT ID you won't pay a tax. Please first register an account and enter your VAT ID (without country code) and full company data in address field. During a saving your address form, VAT ID will be validated. Please stay logged in for your next purchase.

Do you offer student discounts?

Yes, we do offer. Contact us using contact page, please keep in mind that we give discounts only for orders over 100€.

How long do I need to wait to get my products ?

It is available immediately after you pay, only one exception is when you'd like RAW backplates, you'll have to wait for custom download to be prepared especially for you (max 72h)

How many times can I use products purchased from HDRMAPS?

All products are Royalty Free license - You can use it many times also in different projects for different clients. But you can't redistribute these products, give to other people, share on your website or deliver it with software, 3D model, scene you created. For this please contact me using contact page.

I can't download my files. Can you help me ?

Yes, I can add file directly to your Dropbox for special request or give you a temporary direct link to your files. For this you need to have Dropbox account and create new directory according to this doc. You can describe your problem directly while sharing Dropbox folder and please contact me using contact form.

I can't open downloaded file

It could be caused by many things: you have not stable internet connection, hdrmaps server was dead, you don't have proper software to unzip package. 

First thing you have to do is to try to open it with 7-zip. It is free software for packing and unpacking files. You can get it from here. MacOS users can find it here. If it doesn't solve problems try to downlaod it once again and make sure that your connection is OK, especially if you're using WIFI connection.

If you don't have any downloads left please contact me - I will help you ASAP.

I don't have a paypal account, can I pay with my credit card?

You can pay with credit card via paypal service, which doesn't require a paypal account. For this use PayPal as payment option and once redirected to PayPal page click on gray button Check Out as a Guest 

My software crashes when loading hdri map - what am I doing wrong?

It seems that your software doesn't support given file format or file you're trying to load it is too big. You should scale down hdri image using Adobe Photoshop, if you don't have Photoshop you can use Photomatix Pro trial for free - it is not time limited trial, so you can leave it on your computer. Photomatix is available for PC and for Mac. 

Steps to scale down hdri or to change format in Photomatix:

  1. Got to File > Open and choose your large hdri image, wait untill it loads
  2. Go to Utlities > Resize and enter safe number (for instance for Maxwell Render max it is15000 x 7500px)
  3. File > Save As and choose your format (exr or hdr)

If you want to buy Photomatix and you're HDRMAPS customer,  you can get a 15% discount

  1. Click here
  2. In field labeled "Coupon code if available (Optional)" enter code: hdrmaps and press Recalculate button on the right
  3. Please continue accordingly
Will I get an invoice ?

Yes, You will, even if you are not tax payer. If you're tax payer make sure to provide correct tax identification number and your company address. You will receive email with pdf invoice as attachment. Usually it takes no longer than 3 working days.